Intercom Contact Center Software Integration

Set up an Intercom integration with AVOXI's contact center software to drive better customer conversations while simplifying your work. Implement your Intercom call center software in minutes and enjoy a free 30-day trial.


Intercom Contact Center Integration

Your support and sales teams can now manage all of their customer conversations in a single platform by pairing AVOXI's contact center solution with best-in-class chat technology, Intercom. Our latest integration enables you to remove tedious agent call logging, increase visibility into your customer profile to better tailor conversations, and best of all - it only takes a few clicks to get started!

intercom call center software

An Intercom CTI That's Flexible, Affordable, and Easy-to-Use

Stop wasting time toggling between platforms. Automatically display detailed caller information and context from Intercom to your AVOXI webphone for calls with a matching Intercom contact. Make it easier to serve your customers’ needs by having the caller details at your fingertips.

Intercom CTI Drives Better Customer Experiences

Call recordings are provided on every conversation so that agents can quickly access and understand first-hand details related to the customer call. When your agents are provided with the correct customer information, they can spend more time focusing on providing a personalized and top-notch customer service.


Centralize All Customer Interactions in One Place

Once a call is completed, you can automatically sync agent activity and instantly increase your team’s efficiency. Create rules based on your call outcome that can automatically assign your conversation status and trigger next step actions in Intercom without having to leave AVOXI.

Boost Call Center Efficiency with Intercom Call Center Software

Once a call is completed, you can automatically sync agent  activity and instantly increase team efficiency. Create rules based on your call outcome that can automatically assign your conversation status and trigger next step actions in Intercom without having to leave AVOXI.


"The interface is easy to use and very user friendly, our teams required very little training to get started right away."


Finance & International Network Manager


“We like that everything is there in one simple interface - softphone, reporting, analytics. It has really been a help to our team.”


Group Reservations Manager


"As COVID hit, AVOXI helped us move our contact center agents to a WFH mode very quickly and with no impact on call quality. Thank you AVOXI and team."

Abdul Hameed

Asst. Manager – IT Support

Intercom Call Center Software Pricing

*Call Recording & BYOC may incur additional usage charges.

Common Questions About Intercom Integrations

Does automatic call logging in Intercom work for inbound and outbound calls?

Yes, AVOXI's Intercom CTI allows you to toggle automatic call logging on or off for both inbound and outbound calls.

Can I listen to call recordings in Intercom?

When AVOXI automatically logs calls in Intercom, the call log includes a link to the call recording for easy access. 

How long will it take to implement my Intercom integration?

The Intercom VoIP integration has already been built in AVOXI, which means you can implement this integration within a few minutes of logging into the AVOXI platform. 

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