Corporate Telephony

Expand Your Corporate Telephony Reach with AVOXI

AVOXI’s global communications platform makes it easy to scale your corporate telephony with reliable, expansive and secure voice services.


Over the Top Cloud Connectivity for Enterprise Businesses

Global organizations are constantly looking for ways to effectively manage communication among employees while also improving internal workflows. AVOXI provides multiple paths for enterprises to establish connectivity with unified communications platforms like Microsoft Teams, integrating our award-winning voice services into their internal environments. Coupled with local 2-way dialing and dedicated 24/7/365 support, you’ll get everything you need to create a robust communications hub that drives results.

Leading Brands Choose AVOXI


Migrate Your Communications to the Cloud

Transform your business and how you communicate with your customers with AVOXI. Our 100% cloud-based platform gives you everything you need to fully manage your corporate telephony.  Undergo a complete global communications transformation or simply migrate individual business units to the cloud.

Cloud Agility

AVOXI’s cloud-based platform provides a clear path for modernizing your communications. By removing the need for additional infrastructure and unnecessary costs your business will be able to move faster, reduce total cost of ownership, and most importantly - provide a better customer experience.

Certified Direct Routing

Considering Microsoft Teams for voice? AVOXI provides Teams’ customers expanded global reach with our hosted SBC solution, providing everything your business needs to migrate your corporate telephony to the cloud.

SIP Connectivity

For enterprises already relying on MS Teams for voice, AVOXI provides SIP connectivity to expand your global reach across 170+ countries. Our elastic SIP trunking allows you to support remote teams with inbound and outbound calling with little risk and minimal upfront investment.


Diversify into New Markets and Reach More Customers

Leading Enterprises around the globe rely on AVOXI for our award-winning voice solutions, integrated into their cloud-based telephony infrastructure. AVOXI provides reliable two-way voice to keep your teams connected on-site or remote.

Nice InContact

Local Calling Presence

Get more of your calls answered with AVOXI TrueLocal™. Our newest voice service now guarantees local caller ID for both inbound and outbound calls, allowing your teams to establish a local market presence resulting in increased answer rates and overall customer engagement.


Connect with Your Customers Anywhere, Anytime

With AVOXI you’ll be able to instantly deploy fully compliant, enterprise-grade voice in the countries you need. Easily tap into toll-free, international, or local numbers that span 170+ countries and give your customers a familiar and affordable path to communicate with your business.


Pay As You Go

AVOXI enables you to expand to new markets seamlessly without being burdened by contracts or unnecessary fees. Enterprises benefit from bundled, volume-based packages that can be scaled up or down depending on your evolving business needs.

Migrate your corporate telephony to MS Teams today.