Call Center Software Features

Contact Center Features

AVOXI's cloud contact center features include all the tools you need to quickly improve your communications and team performances. 

Cloud Contact Center Contact Center Features

Cloud Telephony

Improve your communications from an easy-to-use online interface with AVOXI's business voice platform.

Auto Attendant

Route inbound callers to the correct recipient through automated prompts and use of the dialpad.

Call Recording

Record calls to easily monitor call quality and reference details about the conversation.

Call Forwarding Software

Divert incoming calls to another number or device with AVOXI's call forwarding feature.

International Calling

Get competitive rates from AVOXI when making and taking international calls.


Voicemails for missed calls are sent directly to your email inbox and include a transcription of the message.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Handle as many calls as you need - using your same number - at the same time.

Virtual Numbers

Get a virtual phone number in 170+ countries and forward calls to any device worldwide.

Toll Free Numbers

Allow your customers from around the globe to call your business with an 800 number from AVOXI.

DID Numbers

Get local numbers in 2500+ cities around the world and start taking and making calls in minutes.

SMS Forwarding

Set up numbers with text messaging enabled to create more personalized interactions with your customers.

SIP Trunking

Get amazing voice quality, secure call routing, and affordable SIP termination worldwide with SIP trunking from AVOXI.

WebRTC Softphone

Access our softphone from anywhere. With screenpop integration, even see inbound caller details from your CRM or help desk.

Unlimited Calls to US & Canada

Enjoy excellent call quality at the most affordable rates possible with unlimited outbound calling to the US and Canada.

Call Management & Routing

Save time and never miss a call with your convenient call management solution.


Set up automated call routing rules and manage your inbound call distributions from an easy-to-use online interface.

Call Groups

Organize Teams of agents based on skillset to handle incoming calls from a single line.

Call Queueing

Allow inbound callers to wait in queue for an agent to become available.

Call Transfer

Hand off calls to your teammates and fill them in on the conversation call before transferring the call.


Easily forward your incoming calls to another landline, cell phone, or SIP address.

Hosted IVR

Allow your callers to quickly navigate to the right team by setting up a virtual directory.

3-Way Call Conferencing

Invite additional participants into your conversation with collaborative call conferencing.

Call Blocking

Add unwanted callers to a blacklist to reduce spam risk and allow your team to focus on serving customers.

Phone Number Management

Easily manage all your phone numbers from one easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard.

Time-Based Routing

Get incoming calls get routed to the right agent, team, or voicemail based on the time of the call.

Queue Callback

Callers can choose to receive a call back when an agent becomes available.

Quality Monitoring and Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Get visibility into historic call center activity and track agent performance in real-time with live dashboards.

Call Monitoring

Elevate your customer service experience and proactively identify areas to improve agent performance.

Custom Dispositions

Create custom call tags for your agents to easily track and analyze their call outcomes.

Call Scoring & Notes

Score and report on call quality to help agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Call Tagging

Use call tagging to assign labels that describe the outcome of a call, with free form text available to add team notes.

Live Coaching

Coach agents during calls with live call monitoring, call whisper, and call barge.

Business Tools and Integrations

Automated Workflows

Automate tedious and repetitive work with various tools and integrations to boost your team's productivity.

Caller Screen Pop

Automatically display relevant customer information on your agent's screen when they receive a call from a known number.


Allow your agents to call directly from the platform that best fits their needs.


Convert any number to a click-to-call link and save your team the time of manually dialing.

2-Way Data Synchronization

Have access to real-time two way integration with AVOXI and your CRM or helpdesk platforms.

Salesforce Integration

Integrate AVOXI's call center software with your Salesforce CRM in just a few clicks.

Hubspot Integration

Integrate your Hubspot CRM to the AVOXI platform to automate repetitive tasks and create more productive workflows.

Zendesk Integration

Integrate Zendesk and AVOXI Genius in minutes to start automating and streamlining your team's workflow.

Zoho Integration

Connect Zoho CRM and AVOXI Genius to automate repetitive tasks and give your teams contextual screen pops.

Admin & Utilities

24/7 Support

As an AVOXI contact center customer, you'll have access to our phone support around the clock.

Agent Permissions

As an admin, customize agent permissions for each individual agent to allow inbound calls, outbound calls, call recording, etc.

Bring Your Own Carrier

Keep your existing phone service provider while still benefiting from features and easy-to-use interface of the AVOXI platform.

Custom Caller-ID

Better tailor customer conversations by automatically displaying detailed caller information.

Custom Reports

Easily create custom reports and dashboards unique to your business from the AVOXI platform.

Scheduled Reports

Get a customized report sent to your email at specified times.

Onboarding Coach

Get a personalized onboarding and training experience with an onboarding coach to learn how to best use the platform.

Knowledge Base

Access helpful articles and FAQs through the AVOXI Knowledge Base to learn more about the AVOXI platform.

Number Porting

Easily port your number to the AVOXI network for free, and even get paid to transfer your number.